Oh Yeah, the Annenberg Pool to Open Daily

Make a splash at the historic Santa Monica location.

What to Know

  • Open every day June 9-Sept. 3
  • 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • $10 adult, $4 youth, $5 senior

While there are swimming pools with sloping, beachy entrances, and beaches covered in the sorts of toys and towels one might find near a pool, there isn't yet a pool/beach combo out there, a "bool" if you will ("peach" is already taken in the dictionary, though "swimming peach" has its appeal).

And by "pool/beach combo" we mean a pool that's as big as the ocean, with all the sand that comes with it. But, lucky us, there are places that have that "bool"-style spirit, and you can find them in pretty swimming pools that are just steps from the Pacific.

These pools are found in private homes, yes, and hotels, but there is a destination that costs a tenner and gives you so many of the beach-close swimming-pool-y thrills.

Or the "bool" thrills, if you will: It's the Annenberg Community Beach House swimming pool, a glittery blue rectangle that is found at the historic property located at Santa Monica State Beach.

It's a pool that opens now and then, on the toastier days, during the fall, winter, and early spring, but when June arrives? So do open-every-day days, which begin, in 2018, on Saturday, June 9.

That's right: Go on a Wednesday, or a Friday, or a Tuesday, or a weekend day, right through to Monday, Sept. 3, and you'll find the Annenberg Community Beach House pool open for business.

Or swimness, if you will (as long as you're willing for "bool," we'll put that one out there, too).

And Mondays are an especially grand day to go, for half-priced admission is the order of the (Mon)day. Except on holidays, okay? Not Labor Day Monday, in other words.

Here comes summer, here come sunnier times, and here comes a big ol' long huge open stretch for a beach-adjacent pool with more coolness and history than you can shake a pool noodle at. 

So, yeah, maybe don't go shaking pool noodles.

Hours, details, all of the cool bool stuff you need? Splash.

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