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Old-School Flicks Rule Valley Drive-in Nights

The second annual San Fernando Valley Drive-in Nights'll deliver four classic films for summer fun.

What to Know

  • Aug. 3, 4, 10, and 11, 2018
  • Lake Balboa Complex at Woodley Park
  • $15 per person pre-sale

Your memories of hanging out and growing up in a certain place?

They probably involve seeing certain buildings, and neon signs, and stand-out locations, and those iconic eateries that were important to the neighborhood.

Not many of us, though, are lucky enough to have lived in a spot where many of the hallmarks of our old stomping grounds were saved, then collected, then displayed under one roof.

But people who spent their youths in the San Fernando Valley can visit the Valley Relics Museum, in Chatsworth, to spy so much of the fabulous signage and memorabilia that remind them of decades gone by, of afternoons at the Fosters Freeze or Dairy Queen.

To support this local treasure, and to give Valley folks and visitors from beyond a sweet, old-school summer night out, My Valley Pass, "The San Fernando Valley's #1 Visitor's Guide!," will be hosting a four-night fundraiser. 

Make that a fun-raiser, or a film-raiser, if you will: A pop-up experience dubbed San Fernando Valley Summer Drive-in Nights is returning to the Lake Balboa Complex in Woodley Park, all to lend love to the Valley Relics Museum while breaking out some cinematic classics from the past.

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Those classics? Get ready for "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" on Aug. 3, "Back to the Future: Part II" on Aug. 4, "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" on Aug. 10, and "Selena" on Aug. 11, 2018.

The price? Fifteen bucks in advance, through My Valley Pass.

The extras? There'll be food trucks, you bet, as well as "... an arcade game truck, laser tag, silent disco headphone party, and large family board games..." so prepare to arrive when gates open, at 6:30 in the evening.

The movie start time is 8:30, meaning you can get some quality catch-up, food-up time in with your friends, should you arrive an hour or two ahead of the opening credits.

As for the screen's size? It's a 60-footer, oh yeah, so roll up in your wheels and find your parking space. Best remember your favorite blanket, too. And slippers? You can change back into your driving shoes at the end of the night.

After all, that still-around, not-totally-gone nostalgic drive-in feel is all about comfiness, and community, and classic flicks, something that both the Valley Relics Museum and My Valley Pass are well-tapped into, even beyond the events associated with summertime.


That our drive-in dreams can come true, with a hefty dash of Valley vibes, over a quartet of summer nights, is even cooler.

Ticket info is right here, Valley residents and everyone, Valley-dwelling or not, who nurtures an abiding affection for all things SFV.

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