One Beach, Hundreds of Corgis

Hundreds of petite pups are expected in Huntington Beach.

True talk: The internet has bestowed many a gift we didn't expect even ten or fifteen years ago.

You can find your 4th grade square dance partner in under twenty minutes, if you so choose (though your conversation may fizzle after sharing remembrances of do-si-do-ing). You can clarify a plot point on a 1993 episode of "Full House" should you and your pal be in a heated argument.

And you can, while online, find many, many slow-motion videos of corgis. Like cats playing the piano, a corgi running in full-on slo-mo, be it in a park, yard, or the beach, is a modern viral staple of life on the internet.

But you don't need to be online on Saturday, April 11 to see corgis hightailing it down a beach en furry masse. It's So Cal Corgi Beach Day, and while witnessing their antics in slow-motion will not be possible in person -- unless you have some sort of cool slo-mo mechanism inside your brain -- being among hundreds of the squatty superstars is very possible. 

Dreams happen.

Attendance numbers for the picturesque event have been leaps-and-bounding over the last few years, with over 300 corgis showing up in 2013 and more in 2014. So let's just take a look at the number of people who have RSVP'd this year and determine if that number is about to grow: Some 5.5K people say on Facebook they're going to the 2015 gathering.

Does that mean over 5,000 boisterous pups at Huntington Dog Beach? Well, no, unless an event of epic, movie-worthy proportions suddenly happens. But you can count on seeing several hundred corgis, from Pembroke Welsh to Cardigan. Over 500 pooches of diminutive size are expected to attend.

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Like all dog breed buffs, corgists are serious SERIOUS serious, as in, like, serious. They love their hounds fiercely, and 'round Southern California they live under the banner "Corgi Nation." Oh yeah -- you'll be among some of the biggest aficionados around. There shall be merch, too.

Beyond just romping around the beach, you'll have a chance to meet corgis who've made it big on Instagram -- okay awwww -- and dress your dog in a costume. There's a group photo, too.

Trust that all of those slo-mo running corgi videos will still be online when you return from Huntington Beach with your tired happy little man or lady. But seeing all the corgi-riffic madness IRL?

We mean, internet, you've brought us good stuff and all, but corgis in real life are totally ♥♥♥.

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