One Day Only: The LA Street Dog Cheesesteak

Figueroa Philly'll be selling the twelve-buck, super-savory mash-up on National Bacon Day.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Dec. 30
  • $12
  • Figueroa Philly

Hearty and decadent eats enjoyed in the middle of the holiday season? Especially during that fabled and food-laden run between Christmas and New Year's Day?

Many people are snacking a bit more lavishly, a bit more adventurously, and trying a dish that combines two edible icons seems like an especially tempting path to take.

And if those yummy staples include a hot dog? And a Philly cheesesteak? You can count on the cuisine you'll be chowing down on to be as savory, gooey, and meat-major as such meals ever come.

If this tantalizes, as does the idea that such a dish will only be available for one day, and that day happens to be National Bacon Day, which is on Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018, best find your way to Figueroa Philly, where the LA Street Dog Cheesesteak will be in the spotlight.

The "LA Street Dog" part of the name reveals that there's bacon involved, as does the fact that it will only be available on National Bacon Day.

The "Cheesesteak" end of things confirms that, yes, it is loaded with all of the classic elements of a straight-out-of-Philadelphia steak and cheese.

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So just what's inside? Look for a "bacon-wrapped hot dog" plus steak plus Cheese Wiz (melted, naturally) to fill the filling sandwich.

It's twelve bucks, and, again: This is a dish that's only popping up on Dec. 30.

Still in the whole hearty holiday noshing mindset? Dig a one-day-only kind of dish? Love both cheesesteaks and frankfurters wearing a swath of bacon?

Make for the Figueroa Street eatery for a meaty mash-up of two tum-filling favorites.

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