One Weekend, Two Colorful Runs

The Super Bowl Run and The Color Run? Get wacky, LA.

A wacky, comedy-filled run? Any runner who has completed a 10k or two can assure you that every running event has an element of surprise or humor to it.

Nope, we're not talking about that guy that dashes by in the clown nose and freaky sunglasses. We're not talking about the fancy tech-tronic shoelaces snapping in the last mile or the super-enthusiastic spectators who go overboard for their runners, either.

We're referring to those runs that truly boast a comedic or colorful edge. Two are landing in Southern California this weekend, in fact, so call it a bonanza for those people who like to hoof it for long distances and have some humor in the mix.

First up is The Color Run at Dodger Stadium on Saturday, Feb. 2. You've seen photos of this one: Everyone wears white at the beginning. By the end of the run? Participants are covered head-to-toe (and elsewhere) in hues like pink and yellow, colors that have been tossed on them along the route. This is a big friend-group run, for sure, and the cameras? They're out, boy howdy. Smile.

Then on Sunday, Feb. 3 is one of SoCal's most venerable jog-its, the Redondo Beach Super Bowl 10k. It's been around for three-and-a-half decades -- like we said, venerable -- people come in costume and there's a mad-dash, convivial air. Also, the run boasts the ever-popular Baby Buggy 10k, too. Yep, you'll be home in time for the game. (Also, you'll be able to talk about no-guilt snacking at your viewing party, what with the 10k you ran that morning.)

We can't jog away without spotlighting the Surf City Marathon and Half-Marathon on Sunday, Feb. 3 in Huntington Beach. Nope, it isn't quite as outwardly wacky, though it, too, has a festive atmos. It's worth mentioning as well given that it is one of the biggies of the racing calendar.

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