Oompah at Old World's Long-Running Oktoberfest

The Huntington Beach tradition, which will Chicken Dance over several select days, marks 41-derful years in 2018.

What to Know

  • Sept. 9 through Oct. 28, select days
  • Wiener dog races, oompah music, games
  • $10 opening day admission

So the classic summer class schedules? The ones that pop up at various recreational and have-fun spots around the region?

They're full and fun, hoo boy.

Full of lessons spotlighting all sorts of hot-day pursuits, from improving your soccer skills to mastering the hula hoop to learning the finer points of synchronized swimming.

Cool and interesting topics, for sure, but when will a pro finally spend the summer teaching people how to polish their Chicken Dance technique?

It just makes sense, as the time for Chicken Dancing flaps into view just as the summer is winding down.

If you haven't polished your wing flaps and hip waggles, best clear your schedule and devote the next several days to perfecting your moves, for Oktoberfest season has arrived.

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As it does, in September, despite the October-y vibe of Oktoberfest's name (yes, it extends into that month, too, typically). 

And one of the biggest/longest-running/Chicken-Dance-iest of all the regional Oktoberfest parties?

It's at Old World in Huntington Beach, the Kiwanis Club of Huntington Beach is a partner, there shall be Dachshund Races on select days, there shall be plentiful brats and German beers for sale, and the oompah music, or oompah-pah, if you prefer, will get revelers out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Where they may, eventually, be flapping their wings. Eventually? Probably.

The flapping begins on Sunday, Sept. 9, and continues over several select summer and fall days, right through to Sunday, Oct. 28. It's the 41st annual Oktoberfest at the colorful location, an impressive fact that's worth flapping a wing over.

If you do Chicken Dance your way to the Tyrolean hot spot on opening day, know that both a fundraiser for the Kiwanis and a Kinderfest'll be afoot, as well as Wiener Dog Races at 3 in the afternoon.

Opening day admission is ten bucks.

So did you Chicken Dance your way through the summer? Did you find a class to polish your flaps?

There's still time to practice, but do so soon, for that is most definitely oompah music you hear in the near distance, Chicken Dancers of Southern California. Flap, flap, flap...

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