Open Streets: Garden Grove + Carpinteria

Hundreds of cyclists will roll through a sizable swath of both towns on closed-to-cars roads.

Open Streets

You don't need to glance around too much, or read too many posts, or peruse too many social media photos, to know this fact: Open streets, those events that see a major road or two closed to cars over a few hours, is a concept that's very much here to stay.

But "staying" isn't the rule of the road when an open streets happening rolls into a particular city. Going, and rolling, and strolling, and jogging, and, on occasion, somersaulting are the loosey-goosey rules, but the biggest rule is this: Vehicles are not permitted.

626 Golden Streets and CicLAvia just wrapped mega Los Angeles events, around South Pasadena-Azusa and Culver City-Venice, respectively, but there are more ahead, including two happening on the very same day.

That day is Saturday, April 1, the communities are Garden Grove and Carpinteria, and while this pair of open streets festivals are not related, they do share a common cause: Helping people get outdoors and move, socialize, and enjoy the weather, for free, as a positive and uplifting come-together happening.

The Carp event is on from 9 to 5 on April 1, along Linden Avenue and 9th Street (near the water, natch), and includes a Yoga & Meditation Hub, a Dance Zone, and places for kids to get into a few different activities. The total distance? One mile.

The Garden Grove happening pedals from 3 to 6 in the afternoon, with an after-party later in the evening on Main Street. There are "2.5 miles of open road" to enjoy, as well as some special features, like a spot to plant sunflowers, an outdoor Vietnamese coffee lounge, a food truck court, and lots more.

Those cyclists and saunterers who dig these events might be marveling that more and more of them seem to be happening, especially now that balmier days are settling into the springtime calendar.

But April 1 is of note, for a few reasons, including A) it's the start of April, when many a mind really begins to turn to outdoor pursuits and B) two major yet unrelated open streets events are happening on the very same day.

Is it a sign? Mull on that one as you and your bike head down a carless expanse of asphalt, on a Saturday, heading happily in the direction of a yoga zone or food truck court.

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