Opening: dineLA's Summer Deals

The giganto Restaurant Week revs up for its warm-weather run.

Are we cozy-minded creatures of habit or bold explorers of unknown territories?

When it comes to dineLA Restaurant Week -- and, let's be honest, most things in life -- the answer is a big ol' uncomplicated both. For while the concept of a Restaurant Week, that growing-ever-more-popular-everywhere event that introduces a slew of discounts and deals at a heap of local restaurants, is very much about "newness," well... comfort and familiarity still reign, too.

And thank goodness. For people who dine out during dineLA want to enjoy both the hot new spot and score a deal at a longtime favorite.

As we said, bothness reigns. There's so much both here, in short.

And there shall be plenty of both happening, from Monday, July 13 through Sunday, July 26. After all, over 340 restaurants are participating, so chances to sample the new and support your own personal classics are plentiful.

The menus, as is tradition, are prix fixe and begin at $20 for lunch and top out around $50 for dinner, with a few price points in the middle. BLD is doing up Niman Ranch Pork Chops, The Langham's The Royce Wood-Fired Steakhouse has Korean BBQ Skirt Steak on the menu, and Wild King Salmon appears on both the lunch and dinner dineLA menus at Water Grill.

Prix fixe makes the eating-out experience beautifully streamlined, like an arrow pointing directly at elegant edibles and a nice meal out. No fuss, no muss, no wading through too many choices.

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What is less streamlined here falls squarely in your lap, dear diner: The choosing. Out of the 340+ eateries, and the two weeks of deals, adding up to 28 chances to dine out in all, just... How ever will you do it?

Do you try the aforementioned hot new spot or do you squeal at spying the tavern down the block from your office, the one you always haunt, on the list? 

If you can budget for two meals, well, why not both? Hot/new and favorite/old shouldn't be a battle when dining discounts are at hand and the clock is ticking. Get deciding, though; dineLA Restaurant Week bids farewell on July 26.

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