Order Pizza From a Vampire, if You Dare

Vampire.Pizza will pop up in Southern California over three May days, but you'll need to reserve your delivery now.


What to Know

  • May 1-3; reservations are now open
  • A game kit is included with your pizza, salad, and dessert
  • $33 per person for 2 people or $28 per person for 4 people; part of the proceeds will go to local artists

We're approaching Half-o-ween, that point on the calendar that comes halfway between last Halloween and the Halloween still to come.

Call it April 30, or May 1, if you like, but plenty of Halloween mavens'll be throwing on a monster movie that day, keeping to their Half-o-ween traditions even during quarantine.

There's another way to find a few Halloween-style vibes right around that time, and it all involves inviting a vampire to your home.

Let's clarify that: You would never invite a vampire into your home. Please. You've read enough novels to know that.

But ordering a pie from Vampire.Pizza on May 1, 2, or 3 means that an enigmatic figure, dressed in vampiric regalia, will arrive where you live to drop off dinner.

Indeed, "a safe and contactless experience" is part of the vampire's vow.

Don't dally too long, though, vampire lovers: It is a dinner order you'll need to place soon, as bookings filled up quickly during the pop-up's last go-around in early April.

Adding additional allure to the experience? The pizza is only part of the feastful fun, for your delivery will also include "an immersive story and mystery game."

"The 60-90 minute experience allows secret passage into the world of Belle and her Vamps," spooky. The mysterious Belle "... has created a pizza delivery service as a cover to unite vampires (they’re alive and well in modern day Los Angeles) and start a revolution."

Josh Sugarman, the chief experience officer behind Ravel, an immersive entertainment company, "... saw the void in restaurant dining in the time of coronavirus needing to be filled in a new, fun and creative way."

“We wanted to replicate this sense of story, discovery, surprise, all the things we used to take for granted at a good restaurant,” says Sugarman. He quickly sent out the call to a host of creators, and Vampire.Pizza was born.

Not so spooky but rather very tasty? You'll receive a salad on the side, and dessert, too.

And not at all spooky but very, very nice? "A portion of the proceeds from the pop-up will be donated to the League of Experiential and Immersive Artists (LEIA) emergency fund, which is providing direct relief to artists in the LA community impacted by the crisis."

There are two places for contact-free pick-up, if you're not eager to let a vampire know your home address. Ghost Pizza on Melrose Avenue is the mid-city spot, while Big Daddy's on Venice Boardwalk will serve the Westsiders.

Oh yes, and Big Daddy's will also be re-themed to Belle's Family Kitchen, all to delight those swinging by to pick up their pie on May 1, 2, or 3.

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