Order This Oktoberwürst Dog and Help a Good Cause

A dollar from every limited-time Dog Haus fall frankfurter sold will be donated to No Kid Hungry.

Dog Haus

What to Know

  • Dog Haus locations
  • Through October 2019
  • $8.99 (one dollar will be donated to No Kid Hungry)

October may be the hot-doggiest of all of the months, thanks to the World Series, and the fact that baseball fans watching at home often begin to hanker for a frankfurter when they see all of the people at the field chowing down.

But the 10th month can deliver other surprising and seasonal twists on hot dogs, including those noshes that pay creative tribute to the time of year.

Take the Oktoberwürst, a limited-time offering from Dog Haus. It does have the spirit of a hearty Oktoberfest dish to it, but it has a lot of heart, and spirit, too.

For this is a fundraising frankfurter, and the frankfurter fans who buy an Oktoberwürst dog will know they're contributing to No Kid Hungry, which actively works to end childhood hunger in the United States.

In fact, one dollar from each Oktoberwürst sold will be donated to the charity, all October long.

As for what we mean when we say "hearty Oktoberfest dish?"

Let's start with the hot dog's interior, which is "stuffed" with Emmentaler cheese. That cheese? It's Cajun-spiced, adding further zing to an already zingy eat.

Carmelized onions and sauerkraut up the zing factor, as do scallions and mustard aioli. And the bun aspect? Oh hello, you're in for a King's Hawaiian roll experience here, which is one of the best experiences to have, in any situation.

Adam Gertler, the Dog Haus Würstmacher, is the toque behind this flavor-packing 'furter.

The Oktoberwürst is $8.99, and, like Oktoberfest, it won't last forever. Find your local Dog Haus and oompah over soon, to help a wonderful organization out and to savor one of Southern California's most season-specific sausages.

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