Order Your Passover Favorites, From Matzah Pizza to Brisket

Find a host of holiday classics, for delivery or takeout.

Original Farmers Market/Fresh Brothers/Jar

What to Know

  • Passover is on through April 16
  • Jar has a traditional Passover meal, while Fresh Brothers is making Matzah Pizza
  • Find the makings of your meal at the Original Farmers Market

Planning a seder on Zoom in 2020?

Our stay-at-home lives at the moment have dictated that we observe physical distancing, even as we gather with friends and family at the Passover table.

Or tables, since our loved ones are signing on to various video chats from far-off cities, states, and countries, giving our traditional seders a wholly different dimension this time around.

What's not different, though?

Wanting to make the meal special, delicious, and full of flavor. And if you're not putting a brisket in the slow cooker, and if you're all out of matzo, there are restaurants and markets around Southern California that can help.

Jar Restaurant, on Beverly Boulevard, is offering Suzanne Tract's Passover to Go. "It's available for the entire week of the Passover holiday," is the good word, "from April 8-16, with a 48 hour pre-order. Stay home, stay safe and have a Seder no matter how small."

The choices include braised lamb shank, Jar's signature pot roast, matzah-crusted chicken paillard, or matzo ball soup.

Fresh Brothers is offering matzah mavens with a penchant for pizza a cheese-laden goodie this holiday week. It's Matzah Pizza, and it's available for "limited time."

And the Original Farmers Market, at Third & Fairfax? You're talking about a longtime purveyor of seder staples, from Kosher wines to briskets and the making for matzo.

The market is open-air and remains open for grocery shopping, and food pick-up from the restaurants.

And a few blocks west of the historic public market, on West Third? It's Magnolia Bakery, which is again making its famous Matzo Crunch, a confection enrobed in chocolate.

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