Original Tommy's Turns 73, Offers 73-Cent Hamburgers

It's the kind of anniversary party where the customers get the chili-topped, bun-delicious gift.

What to Know

  • Wednesday, May 15
  • All Original Tommy's locations
  • "Limit 5 per order"

Three quarters?

There might be a trio of shiny coins in the desk jar, right at this very minute. There could be three quarters nestled in the console of your car, or perhaps under your coffee cup, the one that's sitting in the door holder.

You might even have that much money jingling in your pocket as you read this sentence.

Wherever those quarters are, keep them close, then prepare to spend them, on Wednesday, May 15, knowing you'll get two pennies back, all to start your coin jar collection over again.

For Original Tommy's is turning 73, and the hamburgerie's famous hamburger'll go for 73 cents at all of its locations on that day.

Tempted? Counting your change now? Best find your way any Original Tommy's from 11 a.m. to 10 at night on the 15th.

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How to score one? Mention the anniversary deal or show this page when you order.

The limit as far as buying those 73-cent hamburgers go?

Five is the top number. Meaning you can show with a fiver and still leave with a good deal of change, plus five chili-slathered burgers.

If you know your Original Tommy's history as well as well you as know the taste of that iconic Southern California meat, chili, and bun, then you know that Tom Koulax opened the first location opened at Beverly and Rampart in 1946.

The exact date of that auspicious and delicious debut? Oh yes, it was May 15.

So how many Original Tommy's burgers have been eaten between May 15, 1946 and May 15, 2019, do you think?

How many have you eaten on your own?

Add it up, as you add up your nickels, dimes, and pennies for this savory-tastic sweetheart of a 73-cent deal.

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