Outdoor Eerie: LA Haunted Hayride Tickets on Sale

The alfresco experience is all about fresh air and deep frights.

What to Know

  • Sept. 28-Oct. 31, 2018; select nights
  • Griffith Park
  • 10th anniversary

Stepping outside for a breath of fresh air?

It's an act we associate with shaking off the cobwebs, with clearing our heads, with leaving behind whatever might have been troubling us as we sat inside, in an enclosed space.

But what if the outdoors didn't offer the solace we so frequently seek?

What if, by going for that breath of fresh air, we actually encountered a cadre of dreadful monsters and cackling clowns and the sort of sights that make us scream rather than breathe deeply?

We'd probably be at LA Haunted Hayride, which, at a decade along, has become one of Southern California's most well-known, and nightmarish, outdoor events.

Yes, you'll be under the trees and skies of Griffith Park, but, no, you will not be alone.

As you enter each Scare Zone — Purgatory, House of Shadows, LA Haunted Hayride, and Trick or Treat comprise the creepy quartet — you'll be met with all manner of mayhem-inducing characters.

Pre-sale tickets are now available. Cue evil laughter, or the hooting of an owl, or the flapping of bat wings, or all three, at this diabolical development.

The Old Zoo at Griffith Park is the location, Saturday, Sept. 29 is night number one for 2018, the eeks'll endure over select nights through to Halloween, and if you purchase your ticket ahead of the first day of September, you'll see five bucks lopped off.

So, sure, fill your lungs with the fall-nice evening air, once you arrive at the Old Zoo. But know that, somewhere out there, among the chaparral and oaks, all sorts of scary stuff awaits, and not even the starshine can offer you comfort.

You'll have to face the under-the-sky spookies face-to-face, a decade-old LA tradition of dastardly proportions.

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