P-22 Day Festival: Fêting a Fab Feline

Celebrate SoCal's urban wildlife, and one very special mountain lion, in Griffith Park.

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Stopping P-22 for a quick selfie or snapshot?

You'd never dare ask, if you ran into him. After all, the celebrated mountain lion has places to go and things to do, and slowing his roll as he panthers around Griffith Park isn't something any mountain lion maven wants to do.

What you can do, however, is pose with a sizable likeness of the handsome feline at the P-22 Day Festival, which rounds out Urban Wildlife Week. The picture of the puma will be there for anyone who swings by Shane's Inspirational Universal Playground at Griffith Park on Sunday, Oct. 22, so wear whatever outfit you think would best go with the cougar's beautiful eyes.

Yes, we already trucked out "mountain lion," "cougar," "puma," and even "panthers" as a verb. Those terms all apply to the famous cat, as P-22 himself recently shared with fans on his personal Facebook page.

At least we think he's posting on the page, though he's so busy it would be understandable if he had a few devoted fans to help him out on the social media front.

The festival's 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. schedule has as many activities as a big cat has whiskers, or thereabouts.

A BioBlitz dance ("featuring a P-22 dance move!"), P-22 the Musical, ranger-led walks, rock out to live tunes, a lesson on how to "set up a wildlife camera" should you want to photograph the beasties visiting your yard by night, and other happenings will leave their pawprints on the festive day.

The price to join? It's free.

So whether you go with puma, panther, cougar, mountain lion, or big cat, know that P-22, and his hill-roaming ilk, are never far, wherever you are in Southern California.

We'd never slow any urban wildlifer's roll for a quick pic, but we can party on on their behalves, and show support for all of our wild critters, at P-22 Day.

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