P-22 Day Will Stride Onto Our Screens, Mountain Lion Fans

The annual celebration for our region's most famous feline isn't cancelled, oh joy.

Miguel Ordeñana

What to Know

  • Saturday, Oct. 24 at 11 a.m.
  • Free
  • Tunes, to-dos, and more

Catering to our cats is a daily pursuit for feline fanciers around Southern California.

Oh, did we say "daily"? Apologies: "Hourly" is what we meant, of course. And by "hourly" we really mean every meowful minute of every day.

We save cardboard boxes for our cats' all-important if-it-fits-I-sits needs, and we keep their treats fresh in an air-tight cannister, and "our" couch blanket? Please. It's theirs and everyone knows it.

But inviting another feline into our home? One that's several times larger than our own petite pussycat? We probably would not, unless that whiskery wonder happened to be P-22, and he happened to be on screen.

And several fans will gladly invite the beloved mountain lion to swing by, at least virtually, on Saturday, Oct. 24.

That's P-22 Day, a heartfelt happening devoted to the mountain lions of our region as well as the beautiful bounty of urban critters that call the wilder nooks of Southern California their home turf.

In short?

The roar-a-bration, which is like a celebration but for animals, will not be an in-person event in 2020. But it will deliver all of the nature-nice moments to everyone looking in from their own abodes.

Here's something consistent and comforting, though: The 5th annual happening will be take place in Griffith Park, the usual meet-up point for the party.

Music, games, and "Virtual Walks & Talks" are on the roar-worthy roster, as is the chance to learn more about what is scurrying, slinking, and singing out in our hills and canyons at any given time.

It's free to join, which means you'll have additional money for your cat's favorite treats.

If you grab some of those treats ahead of the event, and pat your lap, will your feline join you for this P-22 to-do?

This may be the only time ever when our own domestic cats can be guests at this bash.

For when P-22 Day returns to a non-virtual gathering, and we're all back at Griffith Park, our cats will be happily at home, sitting in their favorite boxes and dreaming of their next snack.

So call 2020 a different but interesting year, when our little cats can admire a big cat, through a screen, while we learn more about this magnificent mountain lion and the urban wildlife of the Los Angeles region.

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