Pacific Wheel Glows for Election Day

The Santa Monica Pier Ferris wheel lit up with the red, white, and blue on Election Day.

Many voters long to connect with their countrypeople come the momentous occasion of Election Day, and often seek to do so by sharing "I Voted" sticker photographs on social media, as well as proud snapshots taken outside of polling places.

But Southern Californians have a unique and ocean-cool way to convey their excitement on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 8: By taking a photograph of a circular symbol that's just a bit bigger than the classic lapel sticker seen on Election Day.

Well, maybe more than "just a bit," to be frank, as the circle in question is the Pacific Wheel at Santa Monica Pier's Pacific Park.

"The world's only solar-powered Ferris wheel" underwent a full-scale tech update in the spring of 2016, and has spent a number of recent holidays, including Independence Day and Halloween, sparkling with various symbols and colors representing the special day in question.

And the Pacific Wheel glimmered again, with profound and patriotic icons, patterns, and hues, starting at sundown on Nov. 8 (so just a pinch before 5 o'clock). The Election Day show is scheduled to end at midnight.

Look for a towering American flag, and plenty of red, white, and blue lights, plus "vote icons" to appear on the side of the Pacific-close landmark.

It's free to see, of course, and there are some excellent vantage points from both the beach and Ocean Avenue.

But if you're too busy watching election results after the sun goes down and the Ferris wheel begins its majestic show, you can check out the live cam to see the Election Day patterns and glitter, live from the pier.

Who, though, will take a picture of both a flag-laden, oval-shaped "I Voted" sticker, the kind small enough to fit on a collar, and the giant flag-displaying Pacific Wheel circle, and share them as a pair on Instagram or Facebook? 

There are many ways to display your voting pride on Nov. 8, from a snapshot at your local polling place to the illuminated icon that rotates just steps from the Pacific Ocean. 

Shine on, Pacific Wheel, on this important day.

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