Parking Lot Laughs Materialize at the Magic Castle

Yuk it up, inside your car, during "Magic Asphalt," a series of events adjacent to the world-famous magic club. Fun: You can order from the Magic Castle kitchen.

Magic Asphalt

What to Know

  • 7001 Franklin Avenue
  • Bi-monthly shows (Oct. 11 is up next)
  • Comedians'll entertain car-based fans; there's a Magic Castle menu, too

The mood of a magic show may be mostly mysterious, at least at first glance, but there's mirth to the ancient art form, too.

The sudden moment of surprise, which is what happens when a magician reveals her final flourish, often inspires audience laughter, as does any illusion that relies on cheeky props, merry misdirection, and humorous banter from the person wielding the magic wand.

So the notion that live, before-your-eyes comedians are now delivering joyful jokes, don't-ya-hate-it-when observations, and creatively timed yuks at the most famous private magicians' club in the world?

It just fits, like two golden locking rings or a pair of colorful scarves that are suddenly joined by a knot.

The stand-up is delivering the sass and smiles twice a month to the parking lot next to the Magic Castle in Hollywood, a location that gives the pop-up series its name: Magic Asphalt.

The producers of the show? It's not the Magic Castle but rather the team behind The Comedy Store's BITCH show.

You'll be in your car, a funny person will be up on a nearby stage, and the vittles you'll chow down on, if you choose, will hail from the Magic Castle's own kitchen, which sits just west of where you'll be parked for the show.

A group ticket, for a car of five people (or fewer), is $125, plus a fee, and food is additional. If you want to attend the Oct. 11 show, though, there is a sale happening, meaning you could snag a ticket for your car and crew for $93.41, plus a fee.

All of the prices are here, as well as what's on the menu.

Fancy a Magic Burger with fries? That sounds like it would hit the spot, while the comedy happening beyond your windshield tickles your funny bone.

A sweet and seasonal bonus? The Magic Castle, a dramatic and October-eerie manse, will be lit up for the show, so enjoy that view, too, from the parking lot.

More details, upcoming comedians, and everything you need to know? We're not pulling your leg: It's all right here.

Again, these are comedians ruling the night, and not magicians. But comedy and magic? They feel like irreverent cousins, or at least very good friends who get all the same inside jokes.

And, yes, Magic Asphalt is open to everyone, and not just members of the Magic Castle, making it a rare event at the famously hard-to-get-into club. For entering the enchanted abode?

It's not easy, if you aren't a magician or a FOAM (friend of a magician).

Getting into Magic Asphalt for an evening of comedy? No hocus pocus here: It just takes a ticket.

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