Pasadena Chalk Festival Is a Free Father's Day Favorite

The weekend-long whimsy will add oomph to The Paseo. Where to see the art? Just look down.

Shuji Nishimura/Pasadena Chalk Festival
  • June 18 and 19, 2022 at The Paseo in Pasadena
  • Free; no reservations or tickets required
  • Over 500 artists are expected; music and activities are on the schedule

Tips on making the most of a museum visit?

Suggestions might include what gallery to call upon first, where to learn more about an intriguing artist, and, quite crucially, where to stand or sit for an optimal viewing experience, should you encounter an incredible artwork.

But when you swing by a celebrated Junetime festival, one that fills up much of Father's Day Weekend, and you're at The Paseo in Pasadena?

Here's the main tip to take with you: Look down, and all around, and you'll encounter dozens upon dozens of delightful murals created from colorful chalk.

The look-down-iest delight of late spring is rolling like a stick of chalk into the Crown City, once again, over Father's Day Weekend 2022. It's the Pasadena Chalk Festival, a happening that went virtual a couple of times in recent years.

But it will return as an in-person event, one that remains fully free.

Brian Biery/Pasadena Chalk Festival

Some 500 artists are expected to create sublime sights atop cement on June 18 and 19, with about 200 murals expected.

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Pop stars, odes to masterpieces, nature scenes, sports tributes, and abstract pieces have been enjoyed by the admiring public in years gone by, and trompe l'oeil?

Those eye-tricky wonders are perennial favorites (it isn't often that you feel like you could step into the sidewalk, thanks to a clever pattern viewed from a particular angle).

The Chalk of Fame is one centerpiece of the sunny celebration, as is a place for children to get cheerfully chalky and try their hand at a host of activities.

And music is the soundtrack to all of this quirk-a-tude, upping the effervescent vibe of an afternoon out.

Another tradition for many families?

Popping by one of The Paseo's restaurants for a Father's Day brunch, or finding foodie fun in Old Town Pasadena, just a few blocks to the west.

Keep in mind that enjoying the Pasadena Chalk Festival on Saturday morning will look different than a Sunday afternoon visit. The artists will just be getting started, while all of the murals will be nearing completion as the festival winds down on June 19.

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