Pasadena Humane's ‘Doga' Is Perfect for Pups and People

"Downward dog" takes on a whole new and adorable meaning during the animal-helping organization's online fundraiser.


What to Know

  • Jan. 28. at 6 p.m.
  • $15 plus fee
  • Money raised helps Pasadena Humane's many animal-assisting programs

When we think about our four-footed pals, and we ponder rolling out a yoga mat near the nearest screen, we automatically know the next twist in the story to come: Our pup is absolutely definitely going to join us on the mat, even if we toss a keep-busy toy across the room.

Because, really, why wouldn't your dog sidle up to you when you're down on her level? Why shouldn't she attempt to crawl in your lap, for a lengthy nuzzle or scritch, now that you're fully on the floor?

There's a way to, though, to make mat time, and a happt hour of stretches and serenity, all about the furry friend kindly asking for your attention while you're down at their eye level.


By signing up for a class that's devoted to enjoying an hour of yoga with your dog.

It's called "Doga," because we wouldn't want it to go by any other handle, and it is a one-night-only offering from Pasadena Humane.

The Jan. 28 event, which woofs at 6 p.m., is fifteen dollars to join.

And arf arf, which which means "you betcha" in dogspeak: The money raised will help the Raymond Avenue animal center's many animal-helping needs.

Thinking of adopting a dog, cat, or another critter? Pasadena Humane, which has been kindly caring for animals of the Crown City and beyond since 1903, can help.

Start here to see a host of beasties that would love your love. Are your heartstrings ready to be tugged? Good.

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