Pasadena Icons: Craftsman Weekend

Revel in the iconic style at a host of events around the Crown City.

What things remind you the most of Pasadena, at least when it comes to the symbols of the city?

They probably include roses, and wisteria blooms, and footballs, and crowns, too, if we're talking about the sort of items you can hold in your hand.

But the regal and historic enclave is also associated with a few icons that are of the huge, can't-be-held, can-be-entered variety. A certain stadium at 1001 Rose Bowl Drive, for one. City Hall, for another. Those mega floats that roll grandly up Orange Grove Boulevard, and then along Colorado Boulevard, on New Year's Day, qualify here, too.

And as for Craftsman homes? The world-famous Gamble House is located in Pasadena, but so are many other elegant examples of the architectural style, a look, aesthetic, and vibe that spread to design, furniture, and even manners of dress over a century ago.

The Crown City pauses each year to pay tribute to its strong Craftsman cred, though "pauses" isn't quite the word. Rather, Craftsman Weekend, which runs through Sunday, Oct. 29, is a busy time, a stretch that's filled with numerous events, including tours on foot and by bus.

A Bungalow Courts lecture, a talk on kitchens from the height of the Craftsman era, a sale focusing on antiques and art, and a caboodle of tours, including a cemetery walking tour, dot the full-to-bursting roster.

Though "full-to-bursting" wouldn't be the way most fans would describe that quintessential Craftsman approach. Known for a woodsy, nature-focused feel, with stained glass touches, a Craftsman casa is a symphony of unstuffed, highly livable space, with each detail and design element serving a specific purpose.

Helmed by Pasadena Heritage, Craftsman Weekend is billed as "...the most comprehensive celebration of the Craftsman Movement in the Western United States."

If this is your favorite era of home design, if you're a Pasadena-loving person, through and through, or you're looking for a way to know a pocket of SoCal style better, find your way to a tour or talk over the final weekend of October 2017.

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