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Pass ‘Go' and Dine Well at a Tasty ‘MAINopoly'

The lively, game-inspired event is all about getting to know the flavors of Main Street, one taste at a time.

Kristina Sado/MAINopoly

A classic restaurant menu? It can be a bit like a board game, design-wise.

There are various, oh-so-distinct sections to a menu, and sometimes suggestions or recommendations or even rules, and skipping from one part to the other?

We can move around a menu as quickly as we slide around a board game, though we don't use pawns or tokens (though, honestly, that might make the early part of a meal out rather merry).

It's a cuisine-cool connection that the eateries found along Main Street have made for several years now.

And to celebrate the flavorful thoroughfare's businesses? There is MAINopoly: A Taste of Main Street, a springtime celebration that gives gussied-up gourmands a chance to engage in Monopoly-inspired activities while trying yummy bites, up and down the street.

Now the dine-around event will be back for its 7th outing, on Sunday, May 29, giving Go-passers and Boardwalk buyers a chance to chow down at some of Main's best meal-making places.

How the grub-tastic game works?

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Participants will have a handful of Monopoly-type "dollars" or tickets, which they can spend along Main Street. The "Go to Jail Beer Garden" is one stop along the route, while desserts and heartier fare will be available elsewhere.

And working to complete your game board?

If you do, you'll be entered to win a Taste of Main Street Prize Pack, which is valued at $1,000.

"Each ticket includes tastings at nearly 20 locations including Sweet Rose Creamery, JuneShine, Holey Grail Donuts, The Victorian, Ashland Hill, Jameson's Pub  Library Ale House, Stella Barra Pizzeria & Wine Bar, Gnarwhal Coffee, and many more," share the organizers.

Adding to the atmosphere?

Plenty of revelers show up in oversized monocles, top hats, and other sartorial touches that hail straight from the legendary game.

It's an all-ages happening, one that's played a longtime part in touting the well-known walking street.

Now it is back, rocking a monocle, a top hat, and plenty of ways to find fine food and drinks.

Will you feel even happier than when you put a hotel on Park Place or Pass Go and Collect $200?

Find out at this local and lively foodie lark.

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