Paw Wars: Awww Over Dog Adoption Video

The Rancho Santa Fe pet adoption video will make your insides glow as brightly as a sun.

It's a film fact that Stormtroopers engage in many activities.

They act as a foreboding unit as they pursue various Rebel fighters. They're often seen moving swiftly down the passageways of ships like the Star Destroyer when command is given. And, on occasion, they seek out wanted droids, only to find that the droids who are present are not the droids they're looking for.

But seeing a Stormtrooper nuzzle a fluffy pup is a more unusual vision, and one that's apt to pull at the heartstrings of both "Star Wars" devotees and those who are just getting to know the Lucas-big universe with the release of "The Force Awakens."

To celebrate the biggest movie event of the season -- and year and, truly, decade -- the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe created a cute video full of squee. The plot? Two Stormtroopers visit the center and are assisted in their search for a new friend by a "counselor named Leia."

The center adds, on its Facebook page, "With thanks and puppy kisses to the San Diego Star Wars Society!"


It's a cockles-warmer just ahead of Christmas, and well-timed to the mondo theatrical event going on at cinemas around the world. The video also serves as a reminder that lots of loving Ewoks -- er, kitties and pooches -- are in need of homes, both now and always.

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Dear Stormtroopers, it looks like you have found the dogs you're looking for...

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