Paws This Weekend for Catapalooza

Cat and kitten people, LA Animal Services is waiving adoption fees for three purrfect days.


What to Know

  • July 24-26, 2020
  • LA Animal Services
  • Adoption fees waived on cats and kittens; there are a few steps to take before meeting the animal you're interested, so visit the site first

You've now completed three challenging puzzles involving cats: The one with the kitten tangled in a string of yarn, the puzzle with the cat snoozing on the windowsill, and the puzzle featuring five adorable newborn babies in a wicker basket.

But aside from the puzzles on your coffee table, where are the cats in your casa?

If your manse is meow-free, and you've been longing to add a sweet-faced, nap-ready, lap-cuddling cutie to the household registry, take note: We're now trotting into Catapalooza Weekend, with all of the enthusiasm of a cat dashing for her dish of kibble.

LA Animal Services is the organization behind the major adoption event, which is all about waived adoption fees on cats and kittens.

But, of course, that's just the initial part. Catapalooza, at its sweet heart, is all about bringing joy to people and purrers who need each other.

The Paula Kent Meehan Pet Care Foundation is behind the waived fees on cats, while a grant from the ASPCA is making the waived adoption fees for kittens possible.

"Cats make great companions. They are active and entertaining. Get two or three and you can maximize the fun! Don't be concerned, cats sleep a lot too. By the time they are nine years old they will have only been awake for three years. That's a lot of cat naps!" said Brenda Barnette, LA Animal Services General Manager.

"We would like to thank Paula for her generosity and visionary work helping animals that continue in perpetuity."

Ready for a co-napper for your occasional stretch-outs on the couch? You've got a frisky and furry friend out there who'd love to join you.

How to begin? There are a few steps, such as identifying the cat or kitten you're interested in before heading out to an animal center.

You can find all of the things you'll want to do before meeting your whiskery pal in person right here, meow meow.

Catapolooza is purring from July 24-July 26, 2020.

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