PB&J Ice Cream Is a Nostalgically Nummy Springtime Sweet

The nostalgia-nice confection even has "hunks of house-made white bread" in each scoop and pint.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

What to Know

  • McConnell's Fine Ice Creams
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sando ice cream
  • Available online and at McConnell's Scoop Shops for a limited time

Peanut butter and jelly? These two jar-based superstars are lusciously locked in an appetizingly eternal dance.

It's a delicious dance that plays out atop thousands of slices of bread, or perhaps even millions, each and every day.

And the pattern remains generally the consistent, no matter which PB&J maven is making the classic lunchtime snack: A reach for the bag of bread, the extraction of two slices, the spreading of the peanut butter (always first), a jelly topping (the sweet second act).

Of course, you don't have to top your peanut butter with the jelly — it can take over its own slice — but when it comes to putting the two spreads together in a scoop of ice cream, you'll need to rethink the whole ballgame.

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams, the celebrated scoopery that started in Santa Barbara decades (and decades) ago, has become a known expert in rethinking how we can enjoy the nostalgic tastes of our childhoods in new and whimsical ways.

Enter the PB&J Sando, the company's freshest flavor, which made its debut just in time for National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (that's on April 2 each year, oh yes it is).

As for what a devoted PB&Jer can find in this happily homey temptation?

Prepare for "... bright red ribbons of strawberries cooked down to a luscious jam-like consistency, chunks of thick and salty peanut butter, hunks of house-made white bread all stirred into rich, sweet cream ice cream."

That's right: The bread is an important player here, as it should be, and as you expected it might be, with "Sando" in the ice cream's very name.

This is a limited-time goodie, and while no firm end date has been given, don't spend to much time nattering over this nutty-jelly joyfulness: You'll want to make your way to a McConnell's scoop shop, or order the treat online, soon.

There are no crusts to cut from a scoop of ice cream, but there are much-loved flavors from our youth to moon over, including all of the flavors of a midday sando packed with plenty of PB&J panache.

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