Peanuts People, Enjoy Knott's Sketch School for Free

Want to learn to draw Snoopy or Woodstock? Here's your chance.

Knott's Berry Farm

What to Know

  • Knott's Berry Farm is temporarily closed and the 2021 Knott's Peanuts Celebration is cancelled
  • The theme park has posted several videos devoted to drawing Peanuts characters
  • Free to watch

Wintertime, after the busy holidays conclude, can seem to be a bit quieter at our region's theme parks, in terms of big happenings and splashy spectaculars.

Of course, we're referring to years gone by here, and years still to come, and not the time of the pandemic, which has seen temporary closures throughout Southern California's theme park industry.

And yet?

If you turned an ear in direction of Buena Park during a past winter, you might have heard the "Linus & Lucy" music, or another song that's synonymous with the funny-meets-philosophical world of cartoonist Charles Schulz.

For February at Knott's Berry Farm?

It's a month that's all about the Knott's Peanuts Celebration, a multi-week party that involves character meet-and-greets, tune-packed stage shows, and a host of adorable activities.

Including, of course, Charlie Brown Day, which is when a bunch of Chuck fans don their zigzag shirts and show up for a group photo.

Those Peanuts-y pastimes won't be happening in February 2021, but there are still ways to connect with Snoopy, Spike, Woodstock, and the icons you love from home.

One way to burnish your fandom as you look to future festivals at the theme park?

You can take a lesson or two from Knott's Sketch School at Home, an online offering that's totally free.

Artist Noel Cox is behind the pencil and paper, and each video takes on a single character. Franklin, Marcie, and Schroeder all star in their own drawing lessons, and you can start anywhere you like.

These aren't hour-long affairs, do note, or even half hours.

The Woodstock lesson flies in at just over eight minutes, meaning you could work in or two a day over the course of a week.

Will this make you miss the February-fun Knott's Peanuts Celebration any less? Maybe not, but might improve your sketching skills and pass a little time in a happy way.

In other words, no footballs will be yanked away here, and there are no rocks hiding in this treat bag: Only a free gift to the community from Knott's Berry Farm.

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