Pecans to Cranberries: Order Your Thanksgiving Doughnuts Now

Classic holiday ingredients are popping up in and on our favorite morning pastries at both Randy's Donuts and Primo's Donuts.

Randy's Donuts/Erica Mae Allen

What to Know

  • Pecan doughnuts are available at Randy's Donuts for $3.85 each
  • Cranberry-filled jelly doughnuts are just one Thanksgiving treat at Primo's Donuts; they're $3 each, and the maple Long Johns with cranberry and turkey bacon are $4.50
  • Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee has a Pumpkin Pie & Everything Spice this November

You don't need to scan the sideboard at your friend's Thanksgiving celebration for too long, nor open various cupboards or pantry doors at your aunt's house, to discover what all fans of the feasty festivity know: Plenty of the holiday's best-known dishes are either A) stuffed with another kind of foodstuff or B) have a different ingredient or add-on sprinkled on top.

That green bean casserole we all know? That qualifies in the B) category, thanks to the crunchy fried onions. And the turkey? That's a big ol' A), due to the flavorful fact that the meal's centerpiece is often stuffed with stuffing (a food that does what its name implies, which is helpful for remembering what it is called).

But if you're seeking a sweet that boasts some of those A) or B) properties this Thanksgiving, and you'd like for it to rock some of the flavors associated with late November, close the pantry doors and step away from the sideboard: You only need look to some of Southern California's classic doughnut-poriums.

For Thanksgiving doughnuts are beginning to roll onto the shelves at our favorite dunkable destinations, giving doughnut devotees a reason to swing by as they're out running their last-minute, buy-placemats, find-Mom's-favorite-rolls errands.

At Randy's Donuts? A certain nut that appears in a certain pie come Thanksgiving is getting its own tempting pastry. It's a pecan doughnut, and if you stacked a few of those goodies in a pie pan, well, they just might stand in well, in case you don't have time to bake a pie.

They're $3.85 each at all of Randy's locations, and available for pre-order.

The cranberry is one pert and petite star on the Primo's Donuts holiday line-up. The beloved family-owned shop, which can be found on Sawtelle Boulevard and at a new Westwood Village location, is doing a jelly-filled cranberry goodie, as well as a cranberry-filled maple Long John.

Upping the Thanksgiving-ness of this particular treat? It's topped with turkey bacon.

And at Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee, which has a few locations around the region, including Torrance and across from the Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax?

It's all about Pumpkin Pie & Everything Spice. The picture-worthy pastry "... is dipped in pumpkin glaze, topped with mascarpone whipped pumpkin mousse, sprinkled with homemade gingersnap crumble & house-roasted maple pepitas, and drizzled with Vermont maple syrup."

Our goodie-inspired gratitude is rising fast.

Check out your local doughnut maker, to see what they have in store for the holiday, or order from one of the terrific and tasty shops listed above.

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