Peek Inside Great Homes on the West Adams Holiday Tour

The charming event will again make merry in the historic area.

What to Know

  • You peek inside six historic properties in the West Adams Avenues neighborhood.
  • Dinner tickets are $90.
  • The event is on Saturday Dec. 2 and Sunday Dec. 3.

We'd call house-lookie-loo-ing a time-honored ritual shared by Southern Californians, but, really, house-lookie-loo-ery is a pastime found throughout the world in every neighborhood that has a handsome assortment of historic, beautifully constructed, movie-worthy abodes.

Few neighborhoods, though, here or anywhere, can match for West Adams for grandeur, for grace, and for homes that clearly have some stories woven into their long pasts.

Lookie-loo-ing when toodling through the large area is a common LA pastime, but as far as stepping inside the homes being lookie-loo'd?

That can happen, too, West Adams aficionados, though it is not a common occurrence. You'll need to clear the first weekend of December, or at least Dec. 2 or 3, and then secure your ticket to the On the Avenues, the annual Holiday Tour and Progressive Dinner presented by the West Adams Heritage Association.

What happens next is this: You'll be able to visit "...six historic properties in the West Adams Avenues neighborhood," and we're not just talking about stopping by the curb or yard. 

Admiring their interiors, and having a bite to eat at each stop — that's the "Progressive Dinner" end of things, mmm — is woven through this warm-hearted annual to-do.

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A ticket is $90.

If you'd like to simply do a Holiday Walking Tour, without the food element, that's from noon to 3 o'clock on Sunday, Dec. 3. The price is $30, and there are a few must-knows, so read all about it.

One big asterisk that encompassees the weekend? No high heels permitted. Think comfy walking shoes.

For all the details on this delightful neighborhood, and what the West Adams Heritage Association does, turn the full powers of your lookie-loo-ing upon this page now.

Editor's Note: By Nov. 28, many of the tours were sold out.

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