Peek Inside the New Blockbuster-Themed Speakeasy

No need to push "playback" or hit "rewind"; the VHS-tastic limited-time bar is now open on Melrose Avenue.

Blockbuster Speakeasy

What to Know

  • Blockbuster Speakeasy at 7174 Melrose Avenue debuted on Nov. 19, 2022
  • Look for drinks and meals themed to movies, the '80s and '90s, and the movie-rental experience at the limited-time bar
  • $29 and up (includes one cocktail); a brunch service begins on Dec. 10

Milling around the aisles of a Blockbuster Video circa 1998, trying to decide if you're going to rent the newest action flick, a tried-and-true thriller, or something comedic?

You're likely checking out the photos on the fronts of the videocassette boxes, the magical rectangles that lined the blue, white, and yellow walls of the movie rental chain.

So it makes cinematic sense that you might want to peruse a few choice pictures from the brand-new Blockbuster Speakeasy, a new pop-up bar inspired by the company that once ruled Americans' Friday nights over several entertaining years.

And while you can't leave the limited-time experience with a stack of scary movies or romcoms, the new West Hollywood hangout may give you some of the thrills of that bygone era.

The Blockbuster Speakeasy opened for its limited-time run on Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7174 Melrose Avenue.
Fans looking to "rewind," at least for a short while, can do so at the vintage-flavored destination.
Bucket Listers, the outfit behind the "Saved by the Bell"-themed pop-up, and New Gold Empire, the creators of the "Beetlejuice"-fun bar Beetlehouse, are the partners on the vintage venture.
Outdoor seating awaits, as do menus that recall the videocassette boxes of yore.
The cocktails are throwbacks, with ingredients like Yoo Hoo, while the food roster includes the Grown-up Lunchable and the Blockbuster Burger.
A line-up of cheerful non-alcoholic choices are available, too, and those legendary Solo Jazz blue-and-purple cups, all to up the air of authenticity.
The Blockbuster Speakeasy is open Wednesday through Sunday, with tickets starting at $29. Weekend brunch service begins on Saturday, Dec. 10.
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