Peep at Sprinkles' Themed Easter Cupcakes

Two tender-sweet spring themes, complete with classic candies, are on the cupcakery's calendar.

What to Know

  • Jelly Belly cupcakes available through April 14
  • Peeps cupcakes available from April 15-21
  • Cherry cupcakes available through April 14

Which holiday rocks the most iconic, easy-to-name candies?

Christmas and its candy canes are up there, as is Hanukkah and its delicious chocolate gelt.

Halloween's foil-wrapped pumpkins and candy corn offerings? We know 'em well, and the message hearts of Valentine's Day, too.

But when you see anything that's pastel or chick-like, you know you're on fast and flavorful approach to a certain springtime holiday. It's Easter, of course, that we're talking about, and its sweet treats are as delectable as dessert-like goodies come.

It's no surprise that Sprinkles Cupcakes is rocking a few ways to approach buying cakey items for your Easter party.

There is a way to purchase a line-up of cupcakes that spell out "Hop," if that's your pleasure, but there are a couple of cute theme weeks, too, to enjoy.

Going on now? It's Jelly Belly time at Sprinkles, meaning you can order a birthday cake cupcake with Jelly Belly jelly beans on top. Also, the frosting? It's vanilla buttercream, which feels important to share.

You can find those at all Sprinkles shops through April 14. 

And from April 15 through 21, which is, yes, Easter Sunday? Peeps is the theme. There are two cupcakes to choose from, keep in mind, and if you want a yellow Peep, that'll be atop the lemon cupcake, while the pink Peep sits on the strawberry cupcake, yum.

For more springtime confections, including a cherry cupcake (perfect for all of those blossoming fruit trees out there), visit your local Sprinkles Cupcakes for more eat-sweet information.

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