Peep Peep: Hop by Randy's for Easter-Sweet Doughnuts

Pastries get Peep-tastic at the classic doughnut-making shops, just in time for the holiday.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • Through April 4, 2021
  • You can order online for pick-up or delivery through various partners
  • $1.75 to $2.85

Peeps, those Pennsylvania-born, chick-pretty, bunny-tastic bite-ables, fill our fanciful dessert-seeking dreams whenever Easter draws near.

So much so that recipes abound for the delectable, chewy marshmallow goodies that have filled Easter basket for several delicious decades.

Eating Peeps neat is the choice of many people, but, if we were to be honest, and honesty is probably best when it comes to anything related to the iconic spring snack, we'd really like our Peep to add panache to a classic doughnut.

As is so often the case, Randy's Donuts is here to deliver on that delightful front.

For the local icon, which just opened its newest shop in Costa Mesa, has a line-up of holiday temptations that are, yes, topped with Peeps-cute bunnies.

You can order them now, and they're available for pick-up and delivery through Sunday, April 4.

Adding merriment to the raised doughnuts, which are festooned in pastel hues?

M&Ms, oh yeah, and sprinkles, too, which give the doughnut's top a basket-y vibe, at least appearance-wise.

They're priced from $1.75 to $2.85, so whether you add one to a basket (maybe well-wrapped first, so your doughnut isn't squashed by other nearby items) or serve them at breakfast, you'll have people in your household Peeping for joy.

Still seeking Peeps-laden confections? Chocolate and the Chip, another SoCal favorite, has a Peep Cake Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.

Yes, it's a cake that's also a chocolate chip cookie but also a Peep delivery system. Bliss.

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