Petal-Topped Lattes: Bia Coffee

The swanky Koreatown sippery is creating a host of craft floral coffees and teas.

T-shirt aphorisms are, on the whole, humorous, and catchy, and, yes, often quite true.

Take "Powered by Coffee," a popular tee design that's made the rounds through the years. Perhaps you're nodding, because you've also been powered by coffee, and agree with the sentiment... but have you ever been flower-powered by coffee?

There may soon be a t-shirt suggesting just that, thanks to Bia Coffee, a recently debuted shop devoted to beautiful beverages.

They're tasty coffees and teas, for sure, with a range of traditional and unexpected ingredients as well a good variety of leaves and styles, but the topper to many of the drinks is creating quite the caffeinated buzz: It's a flower petal.

A delicate and fragrant memory of a rose isn't your everyday latte add-on, like a flavored sugar or chocolate sprinkles or whipped cream. And while it is completely removable from the top of your drink, and you can easily set the petal aside before you sip, leaving it in the cup or glass feels pretty fancy-pants, and feeling a little fancy-pants on a coffee run is a treat not to be undervalued.

The Koreatown coffeehouse from Silbia Lee, which opened in February, has an assortment of tempting elixirs, from the sparkling appleade (you can get a petal topper on that, you betcha) to a lavender latte that takes on the very hue, in part, that its name strongly suggests.

Klatch Coffee, which is headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, is behind the top-shelf beans. And if you're looking to nosh while you quaff, there are meringues and cakes nearby (and, yes, they also boast interesting flavors such as lavender and rose).

If you have your coffee- or tea-obsessed heart on enjoying a libation topped with a petal or sprig, just double-check your choice on the handy menu on the counter to make sure your chosen beverage arrives bepetaled or bespriged.

Call it a novel way to power up by caffeine, or, rather, flower-power up, complete with a picture-ready flourish straight from the floral world. The address? It's at 3907 W. 6th Street, near Western Avenue.

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