Petersen Automotive Museum Revealed Its Reopening Date

The Miracle Mile car museum will vroom back into our worlds on June 19, just ahead of Father's Day.

David Zaitz/Petersen Automotive Museum

What to Know

  • Friday, June 19; advance reservation is a must
  • Several new safety policies are in place, including face coverings
  • Interactive exhibits are closed, but the "Hollywood Dream Machines" exhibit is still on view

While cars kept moving, even during the coronavirus closures, car museums were another story entirely.

Institutions devoted to the history of the automobile were put in "park," at least for the foreseeable future, just around the time spring officially arrived.

In other words, auto-themed destinations closed around the middle of March 2020, along with other local attractions, galleries, and museums.

Of course, the Petersen Automotive Museum, on the Miracle Mile, continued to give fans the chance to connect with fancy fenders from home, and each other, by asking followers of the museum to submit videos of their own cars (videos that were shared online, in place of The Petersen's traditional breakfast meet-up).

Now the Petersen is ready to again welcome in-person guests, starting on June 19. The announcement was made on June 12, 2020.

There are several new safety policies in place, including the wearing of face coverings.

Hand-sanitizing stations can be found on every floor of the Wilshire Boulevard building, while interactive exhibits, like the Forza racing simulators, will remain closed for now.

What is open?

Several exhibits, including the popular "Hollywood Dream Machines: Vehicles of Science Fiction and Fantasy," which includes a "Star Wars" Landspeeder as well as a DeLorean seen in "Back to the Future."

Important to know before you go? You'll need an advance reservation.

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