Petersen Car Week Opens With a Tour of the DeLorean Factory

All of the high velocity action can be found on the museum's YouTube channel.

Petersen Automotive Museum

What to Know

  • Aug. 12-14, 2021
  • Three-days of virtual happenings on the Petersen Automotive Museum's YouTube channel
  • The Miracle Mile museum is also open for in-person visits

Autos and August go together like shine on a fender, gleam on a hood ornament, and new car smell inside a brand-new car.

They're a solid pairing, is what we're saying, and you only need to take a glance to the traditional mid-August events of Monterey, Pebble Beach, and other classic California car spots to know that the eighth month of the year is the vroomiest stretch of the calendar, at least in the Golden State.

The Petersen Automotive Museum is a main player on August's auto-filled front, thanks to a flurry of way-cool events that boast oodles of velocity, panache, and style.

Those events are happening virtually in 2021, as Petersen Car Week turns its wheels for YouTube.

So wherever you are, you can check out the star cars that'll roll through three days of Petersen programming, which includes cameos by car pros, history-rich look-backs, factory tours, info-filled interviews, and dream machines aplenty.

One of the highlights of the three-day online spectacular, which rolls out on Aug. 12?

A visit to the DMC DeLorean Facility. Whether that idea elicits an "epic!" from you, or a "rad!," you can count on an insider-y look at how the time-traveling icon with the gull-wing doors first came together.

Can't do Pebble Beach this year?

Dipping into the Petersen's programming should deliver the thrills that come from sighting sensationally realized vehicles, the coolest cars from years gone by and days still to come.

Follow along now at the Petersen's YouTube.

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