Phantom-tastic: OC Parks Has a Free Online ‘Spooky Series'

An in-park experience isn't happening this year, but kids can find not-so-frightful activities online in the days leading to Halloween.

OC Parks

What to Know

  • Oct. 26-Oct. 31, 2020
  • Zoo videos, crafts, trivia
  • Free

Halloween already has the concept of "eve" built into its very name, but what do you call the days leading up to the eeriest occasion of the year?

Halloween Eve Eve Eve Eve is a mouthful, but saying "Halloween is happening soon, and we want more spooky events" sums up the spirit just fine.

And that's exactly what the team at OC Parks, a group that oversees almost 60,000 acres of "parks, historical and coastal facilities and open space" around the county, is saying as they look to the final week of October.

In the past, pop-up events, the sort of happenings that encourage in-person strolling, have occurred at various Orange County Parks, but those are cancelled for 2020.

But Halloween?

It's a concept that is definitely not cancelled for OC Parks, though it will move online for a multi-day to-do called the "Spooky Series."

Look for the new, oh-so-2020 offering to haunt our screens from Monday, Oct. 26 through Saturday, Oct. 31.

It's all free to join, and it is very much designed for the kids in your household, or anyone who loves to enjoy spookier fun with a delightful dose of sweetness.

Just watch the OC Parks social media pages for the daily Halloween-themed topic.

The first day of the series?

It's all about crafts, while trivia, OC Zoo videos (with a Halloween-y vibe), a throwback day, Shakespearean theater, and music will roll out as the week nears its final conclusion on October's final day.

"The week of virtual programming will culminate with a rock-and-ghoul performance from local cover band, Past Action Heroes on Saturday, October 31 at 4 p.m. PST," says the OC Parks people, so plan your Halloween afternoon around that on-screen show.

There's no need to register or sign up; just follow OC Parks on Instagram or Facebook.

If the OC Parks fall events, and the dress-up day at the OC Zoo, have long been part of your family's autumn traditions in the past, you can still connect with the spirit of bygone years, and look ahead to next year, via this free caboodle of virtual treats.

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