Philippe's New Pickled Egg Ornament Puts Us in the Pink

The oval icon is a mainstay of the Philippe the Original counter. Now fans can enjoy a tree-ready decoration inspired by the famous foodstuff.

Philippe the Original/Marie Kazalia/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Philippe the Original in DTLA
  • The pickled egg ornament is $10.95
  • Purchase it online or at Philippe's candy counter (which is near the counter where you can buy a pickled egg to eat)

Claiming that the mustard found on the tables at Philippe the Original, the celebrated home of the French Dip sandwich, isn't an ultimate symbol of the beloved eatery is to stir up controversy, especially with those locals who take their classic cuisine seriously.

As seriously as that mustard is spicy, so stir things up, we shall not. Philippe's Hot Mustard is no mere condiment, but a vibe, a mood, a perfectly piquant approach to life.

But we will say, and surely all mustard mavens can agree with us, that this fiery favorite has a contender in the hearts of Philippe's fans: the pickled egg.

You know the glass jar we speak of, the one sitting on the counter where you place your order: It's full of incredibly pink goodies, boasting deep yellow yolks, and slicing one up, as an impromptu topping for a French Dip, is a time-honored tradition for pickled egg enthusiasts.

The Philippe's team, recognizing that pickled egg aficionados are legion in LA, have just released their newest Christmas ornament, which indeed pays colorful homage to the protein-packed delight.

The pickled egg ornament joins the Philippe's Beef Dip ornament and Hot Mustard ornament, previous releases for the restaurant, on the merchandise line-up.

Philippe the Original

Those two delicious decorations made their tempting, tree-ready debuts during the 2020 holiday season.

But 2021? Call it the Year of the Pickled Egg, when pink-seeking lovers of flavorfully tangy treats can finally show their egg-traordinary taste in ornaments.

You can purchase the new pickled egg ornament for $10.95 at Philippe's charming and venerably vintage candy counter or online.

Surely some regulars will hang all three on their tree? They're true symbols of dining out in LA, where the initial sighting of a jar of pickled eggs, or hot mustard on the tables, means you're about to eat really, really well.

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