National Food Holiday

Pi Day, Also Known as March 14, Will Boast a Number of Yummy Pie Deals

It's one of the only food holidays where both savory and sweet dishes are featured.

Cake Monkey/Pieology

What to Know

  • Pie Day is 3/14, a nod to 3.14, the first part of the famous mathematical constant pi
  • While the occasion has featured math-related happenings, foodies may come across a number of March 14 food deals
  • Spots around town, including Cake Monkey and Pieology, are participating

Pi, that superstar of a mathematical constant, continues to bewitch math mavens, something it has handily done through the centuries.

We can "count" on this number-laden, super-lengthy legend to hold us in its fascinating thrall for years to come, much in the way we're fully in the thrall, at least for a few satisfying minutes, of a great slice of pizza or gooey dessert pie.

Something else we can continually count on when pondering both pi and pie?

March 14 is Pi Day, a mathematically memorable occasion that stands as one of the most famous of the national food holidays.

And while the day is a cheeky homage to how we commonly write the date — 3/14 — and how it brings to mind the iconic opening of pi — 3.14 — it is also a tasty tribute to pi's sound-alike sibling, which is, yes, pie.

Pie specials have been known to "add up" to something special on 3/14, so keeping a pie, er, eye out for Pi Day-related happenings on March 14 is a smart move for pie-loving people.

Here are a few Southern California spots joining the math-tastic fun...

Cake Monkey is offering $3.14 slices of its Better Together Pie in honor of the holiday (and yep, this is a "while supplies last" sort of thing).

Du-par's at the Original Farmers Market, a diner that is synonymous with vintage-style pies, will offer slices for $3.14 on March 14. A whole pie? Delish: That's priced at $13.14.

The Pie Hole will have complimentary Pie Holes (the two-bite pies) at a quartet of Gelson's around the region.

Blaze Pizza is a yummy spot for $3.14 deals on March 14. But you'll need to be a member, so sign up ASAP.

Round Table Pizza's $3.14 deal is open to its Round Table Pizza Royal Rewards members. The star meal? It's a Personal Cheese Pizza.

And at Pieology? Pie Life Rewards Members will enjoy "3.14X rewards points" on March 14, if you're seeking ways to enjoy more pizza.

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