Pi Day Is Here, a Treat for Pizza People and Pie Fans Alike

However you add it up, March 14, or 3/14, is a day of delicious deals and slice-strong celebrating.

Pieology/The Little Pie

What to Know

  • March 14 is Pi Day
  • Several pizzerias and bakeries offer slices or small portions for $3.14 on 3/14
  • Pieology is marking its 10th anniversary on Pi Day 2021; spend $10+ and save $3.14 (Pie Life Rewards guests, in-store only)

Pondering pi, the well-known mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter?

You know that numbers are involved with the iconic infinite decimal, a lot of numbers, so many numbers.

There are also numbers related to pie, both the pizza and pastry varieties, but managing that particular math feels a little more doable, because you can see that a pizza offers four or eight or twelve slices and a dessert pie about the same (depending on how you wield the cutter, of course).

If counting out savory or sweet slices feels like the sort of thing you'd like to do on a Sunday, be cheered: March 14, or 3/14, as it is often known, is Pi Day (indeed, pi is often represented by 3.14).

Several pizzerias and bakeries honor the day with a variety of specials, many themed to $3.14.

Of course, even if your pie shop doesn't have a deal on for Pi Day, stopping by to support them with a purchase is, well, infinitely nice.

As far as delicious money-saving goes on March 14, 2021?

Pieology is celebrating its big 10th birthday with a special: If you spend ten dollars or more you'll save $3.14 (Pie Life Rewards guests, in-store only).

Looking to save 50% on a large pizza? You can, at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse. Just get that Pi Day promo before you order, and other details, right here.

Big Parm in Tustin has BOGO offer for Pi Day, meaning you can try the eatery's New Jersey-style pies and save. Tempted by the Pastrami or Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pizza? Mmm.

Patxi's Pizza has a $3.14-themed special for the special occasion. "On March 14th only, guests can indulge in a 7” Personal Cheese Pizza for the wallet-friendly price of $3.14, with purchase of any regular priced pizza, when using the code PIDAY314," says the restaurant (note that the deal isn't available through third-party vendors.)

Craving a creamier expression of the holiday?

Du-par's at the Original Farmers Market will have slices priced at $3.14 on March 14 (you can also buy a whole pie for $13.14).

And new cloud bakery The Little Pie debuts at a trio of Holy Cow restaurants on March 14. To celebrate, individual dessert pies, usually priced at $4, will be $3.14.

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