Pi Day's BOGO Deals Began Early at This Tustin Pizzeria

Pi Day is on March 14, but Big Parm is celebrating now, and over the next few days, with buy one, get one pizzas.

Big Parm

What to Know

  • Pi Day is March 14
  • Big Parm is offering a buy one, get one pizza special every day through March 14
  • Margherita, Pastrami, Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pizza, and other tempting choices are available via the deal

More evening sunlight, more gooey-centered pastries, more cheese-melty pizzas, all meeting up on the very same almost-spring day?

Honestly, it's almost too much to think about in a single thought, lest we be immediately overwhelmed by the hope-filled signs.

But the true and tasty story is this: March 14 is Pi Day in 2021, which means deals on all sorts of pies (the dessert kind and the pizza kind, yep).

March 14 is also the start of Daylight Saving Time, and it is the final Sunday of winter, meaning spring's sweet ways are swirling upon our doorstep.

If cramming all of that mood-uplifting cheer into one day feels slightly too overwhelming to even contemplate, here's something happy, if the pizza part of Pi Day is your favorite element: Big Parm in Tustin has already started the buy-one-get-one goodness.

Mention "Pi Day" when ordering any day through March 14, 2021, and receive a second pizza for free (you got it, the freebie will be of equal or lesser value, as is the BOGO tradition).

The pizza? It takes its inspiration from the succulent, sauce-strong pies of New Jersey, and the eatery's flavors reflect the gourmet moxie of the Garden State.

Pastrami? That's a pizza choice at Big Parm, and, you bet, it includes the all-important Thousand Island dressing, in addition to tomato sauce.

Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pizza? Seafood + chili-based zing + made-in-house dough is a winning combo, any day of the year.

Chef Andrew Gruel, who grew up in New Jersey, founded Big Parm with a really good goal: Bringing the pizzas he loved as a boy to Mess Hall Market, where the pizzeria is located.

Stop by through March 14 and get a jump on the joy that is Pi Day by enjoying the joy of getting a pizza for free once you purchase that first pie.

Pi Day is on the way, and, with it, so are other good things, like more sun and more spring.

Jumpstart the joy before Pi Day pies-up our worlds with a BOGO pizza pie at a tasty Tustin treasure. The menu? Peruse away, pizza people.

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