‘Pick Your Own Romas' Ripens at Underwood Family Farms

It's a juicy and joyful summer-ending tradition at the Moorpark destination, but note: The date has changed due to the tomatoes' ripening schedule.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Moorpark
  • Aug. 28-29 and Sept. 4-5, 2021
  • No admission to enter the field; pick-your-own Roma tomatoes are 35 cents per pound, already-picked Romas are priced at 60 cents per pound.

Picking your own berries, squashes, lettuces, herbs, and peppers?

If you're choosing to do so on a vibrant visit to Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, you'll find that your favorite fruits and vegetables often have fairly lengthy ripen windows.

In other words? If you hoped to pick blackberries this week, but your friend can only go next week, you're probably okay (of course, do consult the pick-your-own schedule before you make for Moorpark).

But the Roma tomato?

That is something rather special, a flavorful, sauce-enhancing, sandwich-topping, salad-starring icon that can only be picked at the agricultural destination over a few warm August or September days.

It has proven to be such a special event that Underwood Family Farms now puts its terrific tomatoes in the spotlight over a couple of weekends.

When those particular weekends happen depends upon the weather and other conditions, but the word on the 2021 tomatoes is out: They're ripening quickly, which means that the Underwood team had to move up its Pick Your Own Romas event by several days.

Which also means if this is an annual must-do on your calendar, best get to the produce-growing hub on the final weekend of August or the first weekend of September.

There are a few notes to consider before you go, like what sort of container you should bring, and the fact that you won't need to pay admission to enter the field, as it sits outside of the farms. Your best bet? Reading up on what you need to know.

But, of course, absolutely: Do bring money to buy any Romas you pick. And if you'd like to pre-pay on some pre-picked tomatoes? You can do that, too.

A Southern California summer delivers plenty of deliciousness of the most mouth-watering, piquantly pleasing variety, and the bursting vines filled with tart tomatoes found at this farm favorite is peak delicious-o-sity.

So are you thinking of storing several jars of your own sauces, salsas, soups, or jams before the weather finally cools off?

Best gather the glorious Romas you need, in Moorpark, over two tangy-terrific weekends.

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