Pick Your Own Sunflowers at Underwood Family Farms

You can pick the big-headed favorites in Moorpark. But go soon, for the sunshiny blossoms have a limited-time run.

Underwood Family Farms

What to Know

  • Moorpark
  • $6 weekday admission; $8 weekend admission
  • Single sunflowers are $1.50; choose five for $5

Naming the signature hues of a specific year?

Pantone, the colorful, color-filled company that's celebrated for swatches, chips, and zazzy design choices, has a famous knack for matching specific hues to specific years.

These thematic choices, which are usually announced in the weeks before a new year begins, can instantly reflect the time we're living in, or a general mood, or some ethereal but important quality we recognize, even if we can't fully describe it.

And for 2021? The colors selected by the Pantone staff are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which is a cheery yellow.

If you've been feeling these two hues on a soul-deep level lately, it might because of Southern California's cool May Gray mornings and all of the yellow flowers bursting around the region, including the statuesque sunflower.

Ready put a little May Gray and sunflower yellow together during a day out in a pick-your-own flower field?

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Then best make for Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, which just announced that its sunflowers are now available to be hand-picked by those who stop by the agricultural expanse.

Each sunflower you pick is $1.50, but you can pay a fiver and leave with a quintet of quality, freshly grown sunflowers.

You should also keep in mind that you'll need to pay admission to the farm, before entering the pick-your-own fields, and your ticket also gives you entry into the ultra-adorable Animal Center, as well as other areas of the destination.

Of course, sunflowers arrive in other shades beyond that quintessential sunflower yellow, and you can see a few of the fanciful colors on the Underwood Family Farms Facebook page.

This is also "subject to availability," keep in mind, though there are other glorious goodies to pick while visiting (and, yes, the Somis location of Underwood Family Farms is currently bursting with blueberry bliss, with more types of berry-picking soon to come).

Are you feeling both these May Gray days and the yellow-y sweetness of a sunflower?

Are you, in fact, completely connecting with the two colors selected by Pantone to best represent 2021?

Find your gray-meets-yellow outing at Underwood Family Farms in Moorpark, soon, before May's foggy days make way for summer's blue skies, and the sunflower fields make way for the planting of other blossoms.

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