Picnic Blankets Out for The Great American Takeout

Hidden Valley Ranch has partnered with the weekly event, all to give away 200 $50 dining gift cards. First step? Find a blanket to nosh upon.


What to Know

  • Tuesday, April 21
  • 200 $50 gift cards, courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch
  • Order takeout/delivery, "picnic" indoors or outside, share your photo, tag it, be entered in the giveaway

Truth? Absolutely any blanket can be a picnic blanket.

Oh, we know: Movies and commercials and advertisements have led us to believe that there's a certain retro style of blanket that makes the most fetching spot for sitting while you sup.

And, yes, red-and-white squares do look rather nice against green grass.

But your favorite blanket can be an instant picnic blanket, especially if you're picnicking indoors, and you don't have to be concerned with any grassy dampness or the dreaded army of potato chip-loving ants.

Which is all to say this: Order in on Tuesday, April 21, as part of The Great American Takeout, enjoy your vittles while seated on a picnic blanket, post a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the necessary hashtags, and see if you are one of the 200 people chosen to receive a $50 dining gift card.

The weekly nationwide event, which began as a way to highlight restaurants still offering takeout or delivery during the coronavirus closures, has taken on a fresh theme each Tuesday.

And Tuesday, April 21 has been dubbed The Great American Takeout: Picnic at Home.

You'll need to "post a picture of your home picnic" to enter, and, yep, tag it. Hidden Valley Ranch is this week's partner on the giveaway, creamy dressing devotees.

And your picnic?

It can be enjoyed in your living room, your bedroom, the patio, your yard, or somewhere else around your place.

You choose, but, of course, your blanket pick will need to pair well with where you'll be dining (we recommend something thicker for any grass or dirt, while a thinner material is fine to unfurl upon a carpet).

A sweet twist? The Southern California weather is warming up, putting a lot of people in a picnicky frame of mind as the final third of April begins.

And the frame of mind that is all about showing our love and support to our local restaurants? That's ongoing, real, and deep, whatever the day of the week, the weather, or our mood.

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