Picture Tickets for The Museum of Selfies Going on Sale

Nab your entry to the selfie-examining springtime pop-up.

What to Know

  • Tickets on sale at noon PST on Jan. 23
  • $25
  • Opening on April 1, 2018

So you attend a lot of concerts, and exhibit openings, and music festivals, and movie premieres? 

And you say you own a device that includes a camera that can instantly flip around to point in the direction of your face?

Chances are somewhere in the "totally happened" to "absolutely occurred" range that you've snapped a photograph of yourself holding your prized ticket, and then immediately shared that very photograph on the various sites around the internet where such things can be shared.

Obviously, then, when you purchase your Museum of Selfies ticket, which you can do beginning on Tuesday, Jan. 23, you'll take a snapshot of yourself holding The Museum of Selfies ticket, and then you'll post it on social media, which will be as meta and full circle as such acts come.

The springtime pop-up, which will run for two months beginning on Sunday, April 1 — no fooling — was announced just after Thanksgiving, but details on tickets were still to come at that time.

That moment has arrived, a ticket is $25, the location will be 211 N. Brand Boulevard in Glendale, and the interactive experience will be flush with photos and displays considering the history, meaning, and modern rise of the selfie.

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Selfies, by the way, are photos you take of yourself, arm fully extended quite often, unless you have a selfie stick, an implement that allows your camera to exist even further from your face.

Selfie sticks are not allowed at many museums, but The Museum of Selfies is embracing the devices. So much so, in fact, that the world's longest selfie stick will be on view at the museum. Not only on view, but the museum will attempt entry into the Guinness Book of World Records with the eye-poppingly lengthy camera-holder.

The current longest selfie stick on the planet, by the way, is just over 59 feet long, if you can imagine taking your photo from the neighbor's yard, a house or two over.

Are you ready to buy your ticket to The Museum of Selfies and, just as importantly, pose with proof that you have a ticket, then snap a picture, then post it everywhere you prefer to post such photos?

Start here on your journey into one of the most modern of momentary museums. Tickets went on sale at noon on Tuesday, Jan. 23. 

It's not a museum of mirrors, in the old-school amusement sense, but The Museum of Selfies will act like a mirror to our contemporary and continued interest in striking a pose for the nearest camera, the one in our hand.

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