Pie Day Is on the Way With a Deal in Tasty Tow

Black Angus Steakhouse will have a deal on a sweet slice of its famous Sky-High Mud Pie.

Black Angus Steakhouse

What to Know

  • Saturday, Jan. 23
  • Black Angus Steakhouse (delivery or pick-up only)
  • Sky-High Mud Pie is $2.50 per slice with purchase of an entrée

There are some national food holidays that have so much good ground to cover, and so many different aspects to address of a certain eat-fun dish, that spreading the holiday out, over a few different dates, is the only sensible solution.

Take, for example, all of the occasions devoted to pie.

While there is a single, solely dedicated day of pie on the calendar, there are also several pie-oriented days that focus on specific styles and flavors.

But if you want to honor the straight-up, here-it-is, generalized pie party event, it happens on Jan. 23 each year.

And Jan. 23 in 2021?

It's a Saturday, and everyone knows that Saturdays are the most pie-perfect days of all.

Your local dessert shop may be doing a special on pies that day, but, if not, ordering a slice or whole dish o' pie for pick-up or takeout would surely help them during this challenging time.

But if you're a maven of a classic and decadent mud pie, you've got a deal to consider: Black Angus is pricing its Sky-High Mud Pie at $2.50, with an entrée purchase, on Jan. 23.

Just be sure to order pick-up or delivery, and don't forget to purchase that main dish to get the deal on this decadent dessert.

As for what's in the rich slice of perfect piedom?

The Sky-High Mud Pie includes "... a chocolate cookie crumb crust filled with fudge-swirled mocha almond ice cream."

That sounds luscious on National Pie Day, and on any other day of the year.

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