Pie Oh Pie: It's National Pizza Day

Grab a slice or three and support your favorite pizzeria.

Paxti's Pizza

What to Know

  • Tuesday, Feb. 9
  • Support your local pizzeria by ordering takeout
  • Heart-shaped pizzas have returned to Fresh Brothers (and the company is donating a pizza to a frontline worker for every heart-shaped pizza sold)

There are plenty of comfort foods in this world, but they quite often require you to use a spoon or a fork or a bowl or some other implement that may or may not be at the back of the utensil drawer.

But not pizza, nope. Pizza is a spoon-free, fork-less, don't-even-worry-about-a-plate kind of cuisine. You probably need a napkin, but maybe not? It depends upon the people you're sharing the pizza with, to be honest.

Which is why of all the national food holidays, pizza's big day, which sauces-up Feb. 9 each year, is truly the comfiest of the comfort-food-y celebrations.

Ready to support your local pizzeria or score a deal from a local chain? You can, if you make for...

Patxi's Pizza: Love your deeper-dishy delights: Check it out: "On February 9th only, guests can buy a deep dish specialty and get any specialty thin crust 50% off with code PIZZA50! The thin crust offer is not valid for build your own pizzas and this offer is available for dine-in (where applicable), take-out, by phone, online or via app." So nice.

Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co.: The Boyle Heights restaurant has a Blueberry Pie on the menu (it's not dessert but rather a fruit-forward savory pie), as well as several other offbeat pie picks. Want to try one on Feb. 9? Find yours for half-off. The restaurant is also donating to the Boyle Heights Arts Conservancy, so your pizza purchase will do good, too.

Fresh Brothers: Valentine's Day is on the way, and this pizza-making powerhouse has just returned to what it always festively does each February: Creating heart-shaped pizzas. These special orders? They're the same price as a round pizza, sweet. And even sweeter: When you purchase a heart-shaped pizza through Feb. 28, the company will donate a pizza to a frontline worker.

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele: Love a traditional Naples-style pizza but you aren't sure where exactly to find it? Head for the "heart of Hollywood" and this eatery, which features several authentic pies, including a brand-new one that's launching in honor of National Pizza Day. It's the Bianca Piccante Funghi and Salame, a delectable made "... with fior di latte di agerola, spicy Calabrian soppressata, and mushrooms."

Wherever you find your pie on the Feb. 9, know you're helping a restaurant out during a time when it really would love to be the pizza pie of your eye.

Offering a bit of comfort during a hard year to a place that makes our favorite comfort food, no spoons or plates required?

That feels super-lovey for a famous food holiday that pops up just ahead of Valentine's Day.

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