Pig Cam Hasn't Postponed Delighting Us

An OC Fair favorite is still live and beaming beautiful pig pictures into our homes.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • The 2020 OC Fair is canceled (but does have virtual plans)
  • The pigs are based at Centennial Farm at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa (temporarily closed)
  • Free to see

No Ferris wheel to ride, no fried pickles to gnaw, no places to throw colorful rings on bottles, all to win an over-sized stuffed animal?

The idea that the OC Fair has been canceled in 2020, due to the pandemic, can make the hearts of fans quite heavy and notably less merry.

But there are some bright spots that are twinkling as brilliantly as a midway-based sign: The OC Fair is continuing virtually soon, with a host of at-home contests and more.

And here's something especially oinkable: Pig Cam, one of the squee-worthy delights of Centennial Farm, the red-barn'd, agricultural heart of the OC Fair & Event Center, is still up and running during the summer of 2020.

So while you can't actually go to the Costa Mesa-based farm to commune with the pigs in person, you can still have a swine time by checking out what the snouters are doing live, right at this moment, by trotting on your own hooves in this direction.


They're napping a lot, which we get and appreciate. It's warm, and there are no fair crowds for the curly-tailed celebrities to curiously observe, and pigs do love their beauty rest.

There are a number of pigs in the pen, though, so you're bound to find one awake and up to something cute.

Because whatever a pig on Pig Cam does, whether it is merely standing and enjoying the breeze, is bound to elicit a sigh from those of us that dig the porcine scene.

For all of the OC Fair's virtual plans, click here. But if you want to go directly to Pig Cam, and enjoy a bit of what you've loved from past fairs, oink oink.

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