Pillow Fight Day: Pershing Square Quirky

Find your squishiest square and head downtown for a daffy international holiday.

Getty Images/Oli Scarff

Pillow technology has gone far, far beyond trying to devise a squishy rectangle that will never get overheated, regardless of how long a head rests upon it.

Now we have plush cushions that cradle our necks, and keep our noggins cool, and promise us the kind of REM-tastic rest we crave. A harder pillow? Those exist, as well as choices lined with dimples and valleys, should we favor sleeping on our sides.

But all of that sleep-time high-brow-o-sity takes a momentary backseat each spring when the swingiest, feather-flying-est holiday of the year arrives.

Arrives on April Fools' Day, no less, which tells a lot of this particular tale. But, no joshing, International Pillow Fight Day is set to square-off, squishily, at places around the planet, on Saturday, April 1. 

As has happened in the past, the Los Angeles iteration of International Pillow Fight Day will take place in Pershing Square at 2 in the afternoon. "(G)et ready for an afternoon of litness!" advises the event's Facebook page.

If you're not into wading through the feathery fray, you might do the bystand-and-observe thing.

And if you're into general public performance and interesting happenings around Pershing Square, you might look into buying a ticket for "Remote LA" from the Center Theatre Group.

It's a guided walk, around downtown, and through Pershing Square, that's not affiliated with Pillow Fight Day (and, unlike Pillow Fight Day, there's a fee to join).

But it has some spriteliness at its core, and a whimsy designed to be played out in public, and there are no pillows involved. It does wrap, though, on Sunday, April 2, so reserve your ticket ASAP, if you choose to go this route.

And while it shall be pillowless, "Remote LA" is just strange enough to give you a few memorable dreams that night, on your pillow back home, perhaps.

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