Pink's Giveaway: 78-Cent Chili Dogs for 78 Minutes

Celebrate the dedication of Pink's Square at Melrose and La Brea for this lickety-split deal.

What to Know

  • Pink's Hot Dogs
  • Thursday, Sept. 27
  • Deal begins at noon; dedication celebration kicks off at 10 a.m.

Most people wouldn't necessarily consider a queue a thing of beauty, but Southern Californians will make an exception for the line that is often seen, at 709 N. La Brea Avenue, at most hours of the day and night.

We speak, of course, of that orderly queue of frankfurter seekers, those lovers of classic hot dogs and ladles of chili and soft buns and piles of fries, those dine-outers who crave the hearty foodstuffs at all hours on the clock, or nearly.

The famous Pink's Hot Dogs line, in short, never seems to fully abate, and this is a fact as local to LA as June Gloom and traffic. And it is a line that fans will gladly join on Thursday, Sept. 27, all to score a chili dog for 78 cents.

That's right: The messy, five-napkin nosh is going for well under a buck, but here's the flashing asterisk... for 78 minutes only, beginning at noon on the 27th.

It's all to honor, you guessed it, the 78th anniversary of Pink's. There is, in fact, a dedication of Pink's Square, at Melrose and La Brea Avenues, beginning at 10 in the morning.

But do note that the 78-minute line for 78-cent chili dogs has a noon kick-off. By the by? A Pink's chili dog is usually $4.50. And, you bet, it has mustard, onions, and that all-important chili, too, making it an extremely hearty eat of the rib-stickingest sort.

So will the cool queue that is seen outside at Pink's over much of the day and evening ever truly dwindle down, at any point in the near or far future?

Surely not. It keeps the happy hot-doggery humming and it serves as a strong visual queue, er, cue, to all who pass by, that Pink's Hot Dogs is as vibrant and bustling as ever, nearly eight decades into the craft of creating ultra-munchable hot dogs and sides.

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