Pirouette at Pershing Square's Bai Holiday Ice Rink

Spin near skyscrapers as this DTLA glides into the colder season.

What to Know

  • Nov. 14, 2019-Jan. 20, 2020
  • $9 admission; $5 skate rental
  • Special events include DJ Spotlights and Silent Skate Parties

The last time you called upon DTLA, did you walk? Stroll? Gambol?

You might have engaged in all three styles of forward movement, but you likely didn't pirouette, or spin, or glide, or indulge in a few triple axels.

But when a certain cold and spacious surface debuts at Pershing Square, you just may find that your motion changes up, thanks to the blades you're wearing on the bottoms of your feet.

For the Bai Holiday Ice Rink Pershing Square, that sweater-up, mitten-merry attraction, is set for its Nov. 14 debut.

That means there's just over two months soon to come of icy adventures, the sort of gliding, spinning, and round-and-round-ing we don't usually get to indulge in during our DTLA visits.

The rink, which turns 21 in 2019, will again feature a number of special events during its multi-week stretch, including DJ Spotlights and Silent Skate Parties.

And if the chilly fun makes you feel as though you're in Arendelle, best start mi-mi-mi-ing, for the "Frozen" Broadway cast recording will play each Tuesday night during the rink's run.

If you don't feel like warbling "Let It Go" while you put in a few rink-based resolutions, or indulging in another special happening, you can simply visit during the rink's opening hours and pay nine bucks to enter.

Your skate rental? That's a fiver.

It's time to put in those pirouettes and figure eights in DTLA, winter lovers, for the time has arrived for one of the best-known of the seasonal SoCal rinks to open.

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