Pizookie People, Dig Deeper Into Your Go-to Dessert

A behind-the-scenes virtual event will consider the cookie-famous confection and some of its sweet secrets.

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse

What to Know

  • Aug. 13
  • 4 p.m. PDT
  • Facebook Live

Holding a conversation at a restaurant table?

You might discuss the placemats, the choices of silverware, the salt and pepper shakers, or how many times you've visited the restaurant before.

You could offer to split an appetizer with your companions.

And if there is a well-known dish on the menu? You're probably going to ponder upon what makes the dish so famous, its history, and the reasons it succeeds.

One enduring temptation is the Pizookie, that cookie-meets-skillet delectable that is on the larger side, the warmer side, the meltier side, and is usually topped with various ice creams and sweet drizzles.

It's become a meal-finishing staple at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, and it has entered the larger lexicon, meaning that other over-sized skillet cookies are sometimes referred to as Pizookies, even if a true Pizookie is only encountered at BJ's.

To sate the desire of dessert fans to know more about this now-iconic treat, BJ's is holding a "Pizookie: Off the Record" virtual event on Aug. 13.

It is free to join, and it will delve into all aspects of the powerhouse dessert, from how some imaginative, sweet-toother invented it to all of the off-menu "secret" flavors.

Call the Facebook Live event an oh-so-2020 spin on the restaurant cookbook that gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at some legendary dishes.

Now those stories are heading onto our screens, giving us a chance to dip our spoon deeper into a dessert that has only grown in popularity over the decades.

Looking to have some more Pizookie-based knowledge for the next time you're making conversation with your dinner companions at a BJ's?

Join the free event on Aug. 13, and pick up some luscious lore on the ice cream-topped icon.

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