Pizza, a ‘Jumanji' Deal, and Movie Night at Home

Fresh Brothers and Sony Pictures Entertainment have teamed up on a flavorful #StayatHome deal.

Fresh Brothers/Sony Pictures Entertainment

What to Know

  • Fresh Brothers and Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • $29.99
  • Get a one-topping large pizza, six knots, and "Jumanji: The Next Level" on digital

Dinner and a movie?

We all know the concept. We meet a friend at a restaurant, catch up on our thises and thats, and then stroll together to visit the local cinema for the latest adventure, comedy, or, if you've chosen wisely, an adventure-comedy.

But dinner-and-a-movie-ing these days? It's all about seeing what's in the pantry, or phoning for delivery, and poking around various streaming services.

Fresh Brothers and Sony Pictures Entertainment want to streamline how we approach supper and our cinematic fare during these stay-at-home days.

How? By offering a bundle that's all about sauce-tastic pies and the new "Jumanji" sequel, which, yes, has plenty of adventure-comedy cred to spare.

The deal? You'll score a one-topping pie from the LA-based pizza outfit (yep, the pizza is a large, meaning slices for the whole crew or leftovers later), and six knots (yep, you can choose between sweet or fresh), and the chance to catch "Jumanji: The Next Level" digital-style.

The code you'll need? It's JUMANJI. Easy.

The price? It's $29.99.

Where this is available?

You've got a few routes to choose from, which is not unlike playing "Jumanji": You can go with "... phone, online, delivery, and carry-out," and you should make sure your local Fresh Brothers is a participating location (there are 20 locations in LA).

Have you and the family been revisiting a favorite "Jumanji"-inspired game in recent days while at home? And you like pizza, too? Consider this deal of a bundle a super-duper stand-in to your dinner-and-a-movie out.

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